My website has moved to a new address:

My website have a new address | Hund


My website have a new address

Monday, April 5, 2021

My website has moved to a new address:

I have finally gotten around to migrate my website to the new adress. The new one is If you follow this website using my webfeed, don’t forget to update it to the new one:

The old address ( was always a cheap solution. This is because my first website was my Swedish website, located at (which is still around, but currently not that active). When I started my English website, I wanted a good address for it, but all good ones are already taken, so I decided to reuse the domain that I already have.

The name “Hunden” was a rather bad pun with the words “Hund” and “En” (Short for English). The word “hunden” is actually a Swedish word and it translates to “the hund”. I was probably the only person who even got that joke.

When it turned out that I still owned the old domain, I decided to reactivate it and use it for my English website. I hope you like the new address as much as I do!



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