Launching MultiMC instances via Rofi

October 18, 2018

I play a lot of Minecraft, both vanilla and with mods, which is partly why I use the third party and open source launcher MultiMC. It’s a great launcher that lets you create various instances of Minecraft completely separated from each other in sandboxes.

And since they allow you to launch an instances via the commandline, why not make it work with Rofi so I don’t have to launch the launcher itself and then choose which instance I want to play. :)

A demo of the Rofi script that lets you launch MultiMC instances

This script is a modified version of my script for VirtualBox, which I’m not the author of, I’m not sure where I found it either.


path="/home/$( whoami )/.multimc"

handle_selection() {
if [[ $1 ]]; then
	if [[ -d "$path/instances/$1" ]]; then
		touch "$path/instances/$1"
		notify-send "MultiMC" "Launching instance $1."
		sh $path/MultiMC -l "$1" &
		 notify-send "MultiMC" "No instance called $1."

handle_selection "$( cd "$path/instances"; ls -t -d * | sed '/_MMC_TEMP/d;/instgroups.json/d' | rofi -font "xos4terminus 12" -m -0 -dmenu -i -p 'MultiMC' -hlbg '#5FA5D7' -bc '#5FA5D7' )"

I have the script in the folder $HOME/Scripts/rofi and I launch the Rofi menu with all the scripts by calling this script using my window manager:

cd $HOME/Scripts/rofi; menu=$(find -L . -printf '%P\n' | sort | tail -n +2 | rofi -font "xos4terminus 12" -m -0 -bw 3 -dmenu -i -p "Rofi Scripts: "); ./"${menu}"


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