How to use Reddit via web feeds

June 22, 2020

It is actually possible to use Reddit exclusively via web feeds, unless you want to submit or comment anything. They do not advertice it, but the support is actually pretty good.

Web feeds happens to be my prefered way of consuming Reddit these days. Reddit is for the most part a a higly toxic place and I try to stay away from it, but it does comes with a lot of good things that I like.

June 23, 2020 - Thanks to on the fediverse for recommending me a few more feeds that I did not know about.

The default web feeds

Let us start with all the standard web feeds.

Adding dates to any feed

If you want to you can even add dates to any feeds, here is an example showing the monthly top feed:

Other possible dates are hour, day, week, year and all.

Subreddit web feeds

If you would like to follow a subreddit you can do so as well. Here is an example with the subreddit r/Gentoo:

You can even combine several subreddits in one feed like this:

User web feeds

It is also possible to follow users. Here is an example with the fictive user “reddit_user”:

If you want to you can only follow either the users submitted posts and the comments of any user:

Single posts web feeds

Yep. This is a thing as well:

Single comment web feeds

It is also possible to follow a single comment:


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