How to automatically hide your mouse cursor

August 29, 2021

unclutter-xfixes is a tool to automatically hide your X mouse cursor when you don’t use it. unclutter-xfixes is a fork of the original tool unclutter from the 90s.

unclutter-xfixes uses the x11-xfixes extension, which means that they don’t use fake windows or pointer grabbing. This should cause fewer problems with window managers and/or applications.

This is one of the tools that I just install once and then forget about it ever being there. I don’t use the mouse that much and it’s rather nice being able to hide it. They recently came out with a new release for the first time in close to 3 years, which reminded me that I should probably mention it on my website.


To start it you simply run unclutter. In a recent update, they added a few new neat features:

--start-hidden Hides the cursor initially when unclutter-xfixes starts.
--ignore-button Lets you specify one or more buttons which does not unhide the cursor.
--hide-on-touch Hides the cursor on touch input.


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