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Hej! My name is Johan. I’m a Swedish eco-friendly {minimalist,slow-tech} philosopher, {Gentoo,Alpine} Linux user, {Neovim,keyboard} cultist. On my website you will mostly find content related to Linux, libre software, plaintext minimalism and slow-tech.

About me

I advocate ethical software based on open source software, commonly known as libre software. I’m also a as well as things like the UNIX-philosophy, the KISS-principle and the “worse is better” concept. I consider them all to be inspiring and healthy approaches to software as well as a life itself.

My journey with Linux started with Ubuntu 6.06 back in late 2006. I’m now using Gentoo Linux on my desktop computer and Alpine Linux on my SBC-computer.

My computer setup is perhaps fairly simple. I avoid cloud services, I run as much as I can locally on my computer and I try to always do everything in plain text when possible. I avoid graphical interfaces, as I prefer using the keyboard. My life outside of my computers is a rather disconnected non-tech lifestyle. I really don’t own any technology other than the most basic things; my computers, my TV and my phone. I try to live a minimalist, low-tech and healthy life.

Speaking about minimalism; for me, minimalism isn’t just about ‘thing-oriented minimalism’ or ‘Instagram-friendly aesthetics’, it’s about a healthy, balanced, humble and thoughtful lifestyle where I own just the right amount of things. It lets me focus on what’s important in life. It also gives me a financial security with way less effort.

And no. I don’t work with any kind of technology—I never have and I never will—I want computers to continue to be a hobby for me. Working with computers could, and probably would ruin the fun with computers for me.

My website

This website is running on sustainable energy via GleSYS and the carbon footprint is better than 99% of web pages tested on Website Carbon Calculator. It’s created using the static site-generator Jekyll and my favourite text editor Neovim.

My battlestation

This is my (currently 10 year old) workstation computer. It’s named after my best friend Atlas (the dog on my profile picture).

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My desktop setup

I decided to make a static place for my computer desktop setup since my setup doesn’t change that often anymore.

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