Hej! My name is Johan. I’m a Swedish eco friendly minimalist philosopher, {Gentoo,Alpine} Linux user, {Neovim,keyboard} cultist. On my website you will probably mostly find content related to ethical software, plain text and minimalism.

I advocate ethical software based on open source software, as well as things like the UNIX-philosophy, the KISS-principle and the “worse is better” concept. I consider them all to be inspiring and healthy approaches to software as well as a life itself.

I started my journey with Linux based operating systems in late 2006 when a friend gave me this original CD with Ubuntu 6.06 from Canonical. I quickly become involved in the Ubuntu community and I later become an Ubuntu member back in 2009. I have since then moved to Gentoo Linux and Alpine Linux on my two computers.

My life outside of the computers is fairly anti-technology and disconnected. I really don’t own any other technology than the basic things like my computers, my TV and my phone. I actually try to live a minimalist, healthy and sustainable life and I think that less things and less distractions is the way to a healthy life.

My battlestation(s)

This is my 9 year old workstation computer that’s still going strong!

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