Hej! My name is Johan. I’m a Swedish eco friendly minimalist philosopher, {Gentoo,Alpine} Linux user, {Neovim,keyboard} cultist. On my website you will probably mostly find content related to ethical software, plain text and minimalism.

I advocate ethical software based on open source software, as well as things like the UNIX-philosophy, the KISS-principle and the “worse is better” concept. I consider them all to be inspiring and healthy approaches to software as well as a life itself.

I started my journey with Linux based operating systems back in late 2006 when a friend gave me this original CD with Ubuntu 6.06 from Canonical. I have since then been involved with support, documentation, administration and translations for projects like Ubuntu and Arch Linux. My contributions for Ubuntu resulted in me becoming an Ubuntu member back in 2009.

I have since then moved to Gentoo Linux on my desktop computer and Alpine Linux on my SoC server computer.

My life outside of the computers is fairly anti-technology and ‘disconnected’. I really don’t own any other technology than the basic things like my computers, my TV and my phone. I actually try to live a minimalist, healthy and sustainable life. I’m a strong believer of the concept “less is more” and I rather enjoy missing out on things.

My battlestation(s)

This is my 9 year old workstation computer that’s still going strong!

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