• Working full-time. My current workplace is a bit further away from home and I’m away from home about 12 hours per day. This leaves me with very little spare time right now.
  • Getting my own business going. Follow I/O Keyboards on Mastodon for any updates. I’m going to add a news section on the websites for any major news.
  • The little spare time I have left is spent on this website, a few TV-shows, comics and books.
  • Thinking about my usage of social media (which is only Mastodon). It feels like it’s eating up too much time for me.
  • Saving up for a new computer monitor. I’m looking to replace my currently six year old mid-range 24” 1080p monitor from Samsung with a 27” UHD high-end monitor from LG.

This now-page was last updated 2020-12-27.