Privacy Policy

In this Policy, when I refer to “this website”, “my website” or simply “it”, I’m referring to the website

This website respects your privacy. For real. My website is (and will always be) free from anything that can be considered unethical and privacy invasive.


I once tried GoatCounter for about 30 days back in January 2021. GoatCounter is a privacy friendly and open source web analytics platform. That’s the only time I have ever used analytics on this website, and it will most likely also be the only time I ever use any analytics.

No data collection

The web server stores its logs for 24 hours. Logs older than 24 hours are automatically deleted. No other data is collected or stored.

Website hosting

This website is running on sustainable energy via the Swedish hosting provider GleSYS. They have their data centers in Sweden and Finland. Their privacy policy can be found here.

[ Page last updated: 2024-02-16 ]