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September 13, 2018

Adding a pause indicator to mpv media player

Depending on what you’re watching, it’s not always that obvious when you pause a video in mpv. I also often tend to pause the video by mistake and confuse myself even further, so I looked it up and found a script called pause-indicator.lua that adds just that.

A screenshot of mpv with the pause indicator visible

It flashes a pause icon when paused and a play icon when resumed


Create the folder ~/.config/mpv/scripts/ if you don’t already have it:

$ mkdir ~/.config/mpv/scripts/

Then download the script to that folder:

$ wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/torque/9dbc69543118347d2e5f43239a7e609a/raw/bd9fcfe68a4f13b655c686e5790cbd2ee9489475/pause-indicator.lua -P ~/.config/mpv/scripts/

And that’s it. :)


I didn’t like the default colours, the size of the icon and the animation duration was a bit too quick for me so I changed it. There’s no configuration file, but changing the values is easy as long as you know which values it is.

Foreground colour

I changed the default value from FC799E to E6E6E6.

settings['pause-indicator-foreground-style'] = [[\c&HFC799E&]]

Background colour

I changed the default value from 2D2D2D to 1111111.

settings['pause-indicator-background-style'] = [[\c&H2D2D2D&]]

Animation duration

I changed the default value from 0.25 to 0.50.

settings['animation-duration'] = 0.25

Icon size

I changed the default value from 1 to 2.

settings['display-scale-factor'] = 1

And the result is what you can see in the image above.

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