My simple plain text journal

December 19, 2019

I like keeping a personal journal of what I do in life, it can be anything from every day stuff that I want future me to remember to various thoughts about anything.

The idea with my journal is that I want it to be quick and simple, even though I initially thought about other options like Jekyll and flat file-databases with one entry per file and so on. In the end I decided I don’t want to overdo it—I want to keep it as simple as possible—otherwise I would have probably not bothered with keeping a journal if it would take too much time doing it.

I decided that the best way was to use a single plain text file with Markdown formatting and then using my editor to input the text. As for the formatting, I tried a few different ways of formatting my entries before I settled with this style:

# 2019

## December

### 18 - Wednesday
Example entry.

### 19 - Thursday
Example entry.

If I for some reason ever want to convert it to something else, like HTML code or a PDF-document it would then look like this:



18 - Wednesday

Example entry.

19 - Thursday

Example entry.

I also fold every month in Vim to keep it visually compact. Do you keep a journal of some sort? What applications are you using and how are you doing it? It would be fun hearing how other people are doing it. :)


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