My blog has a new home and a new address

January 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to my new home! You’re probably wondering about the new domain Well. Just keep calm—nothing is happening to my little blog—there’s not going to be any Swedish content here. I do have a Swedish blog though, but that’s over at

What is Linuxkompis anyway? It’s a Swedish project that me and a few friends are working on. If you happen to speak Swedish, like Linux and open source software I would highly recommend you checking it out!

Since I’m now hosting this website myself I also needed a proper domain for it. I thought about buying a new domain, but all the good ones are already taken and I wasn’t super thrilled about spending money on another domain. So.. Why not make use of one that I already have?

The name “hunden” is a Swedish word and it translates to “the dog”. “Hund” means dog in Swedish (and Norwegian, Danish and Germany). The name “Hunden” is also a bad pun of the two words “Hund” and “En[glish]”.

Why not just Because that’s where I have my Swedish blog. It looks just like this website, but it’s in Swedish and a lot older than this blog.


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