I'm taking a break from Mastodon

September 21, 2020

For an indefinite future. *Dramatic drumroll* Well. Seriosly talking, I just feel like that I might not be using it in a way that I want to be using it anymore.

I feel like that I would like to take a break from Mastodon[1] and see what happens with my phone usage in general. I access Mastodon 95% of the time via my phone and according to my phone I have opened Tusky (my Mastodon-client) in average about 30 to 50 times per day the last month or so. One day it was 100 times! That’s just crazy.

  1. This only applies for my main account, where I spend 99.99% of my time on Mastodon. I still use Mastodon for my project Linuxkompis and my company I/O Keyboards.

I can only imagine how much of an effect that distraction must have on my life in general. And since Mastodon is the only distraction I have on my phone these days, I’m hopeful that by removing my account it will result in something positive, like bringing back my passion for weblogs and the old web again.

To be honest, I have always considered myself to be a ‘healthy’ low-usage phone user, mostly spending my time modifying my phone with custom firmwares and icon packs, rather than using it for anything else. And sure, I once was that person, but something obviously happened along the road. I don’t know what, but I intend to find out what happened when I got lost and how I can find my way back again.

I now feel that I want to focus more on my weblog. It would be nice if this website could function more as my social corner of the web, just like how a weblog used to before we had ‘social medias’. For it to be truly social I probably need a commenting system as well. I’m not sure what to use yet, but I’m looking for options.

If you want to contact me and/or leave feedback you can do so via e-mail and IRC (I’m Hund at freenode).


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