The web browser add-on uMatrix is now abandoned - News

October 4, 2020

The popular and the somewhat essential privacy add-on uMatrix for the web browsers Firefox, Chrom{e,ium} and Opera is now an abandoned project.

uMatrix is an add-on for advanced users to block any class of request made by the web browser, like scripts, iframes and ads. The add-on is created by the same person who also created (and later abandoned) the popular web browser add-on uBlock, an add-on which was transferred to another person who made himself rather unpopular by making some controversial choices.

The original author of uBlock later forked his previous project into a new project called uBlock Origins, a project that’s still being maintained today.

Thankfully he didn’t do the same mistake twice and it seems like he’s only abandoning the uMatrix project, with the possibility of maybe resuming it later according to a comment made by himself on GitHub.

Considering how popular this add-on is, I’m certain that someone will fork this project under a new name and continue the development of it. If you hear anything about a fork or an alternative to uMatrix, feel free to contact me about it and I will update this post with the information.


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