How to install pipe-viewer in Debian

November 14, 2021

pipe-viewer is a lightweight, but yet feature packed application for browsing and watching videos from YouTube.

It works by parsing the YouTube website directly, but is also able to use any Invidious instance as a fallback. This method is usually the most reliable one.

Unfortunately, pipe-viewer isn’t available in the Debian repositories, but it’s thankfully rather simple installing the application yourself.


Start by installing the dependencies:

# apt install git libwww-perl liblwp-protocol-https-perl libdata-dump-perl libjson-perl libmodule-build-perl

Download the source code using git:

$ git clone

Go to the directory:

$ cd pipe-viewer

And to install pipe-viewer:

$ perl Build.PL
# ./Build install

You can now use pipe-viewer.

Basic usage and some examples

You can either search for anything by parsing an argument in the shell like this:

$ pipe-viewer "<KEYWORD(S)>"

Or by starting pipe-viewer first, and then searching for whatever you’re looking for.

Example flags

There’s a lot more flags than this, to check out all of them, use the flag --help.

YouTube specific  
-uf, --favorites=<USER> View all favourites by a specific user.
-uv, --uploads=<USER> View all uploaded videos by a specific user.
-a, --author=<USER> Search only videos by a specific user.
-rv, --related=<URL> Show all related videos to a specific video.
--comments <URL> Show video comments for a specific video.
-sp, --search-pl <KEYWORD> Search for playlists of videos.
--order=view_count Sort by view count.
--duration=<short/long> Sort by short or long duration.
--resolution=<VALUE> Supported resolutions: best, 2160p, 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p, audio
--hd! Search only for videos available in at least 720p.
Player options  
-A Play all results.
-n, --novideo Audio only, no video.


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