My desktop - November 2021

November 21, 2021

I decided it was time for a new “my desktop” post. It’s actually been one year since my latest post, simply because my desktop doesn’t see that many changes these days. Which I assume is a good thing? Anyway. I think there’s been just enough changes the past year to make it worth making a new post now.

A screenshot of my Debian desktop
This is my current desktop. It's pretty minimal, if I may say so myself.

As the wallpaper on my desktop shows, I have now moved to Debian. I wrote about it here. It’s been about a month since my move, and I really like it so far.

To summarize my decision to jump from Gentoo to Debian (which are two vastly different Linux based operating systems): I don’t have the time or energy to tinker or to care about my setup these days. I just want something that’s rock solid and something that works with the least amount of work as possible. Debian is perfect for that! You install it in a few minutes and you then don’t have to care about anything for the next years.

Changes since the last post

My last post can be found here: My Desktop - November 2020.

No more panel

I decided to hide my Polybar panel as I find it distracting. I really don’t want to know how many unread emails I have, or if someone’s trying to get my attention on XMPP when I’m focusing on something else. I’ll just check my unread messages when I have the time for it.

New less distracting wallpaper

I also decided to go with a simple wallpaper, that’s exactly 0% distracting. I thought about going with no wallpaper at all, but as a visual artist, I like graphics and art. I therefore decided to go with a simple Debian wallpaper that’s only visible when I don’t have any client running at all.

My view when using Newsboat

I sometimes float my clients to make the content in them easier to read. This is often the case for my web feed client Newsboat. As you can see in the screenshot, the wallpaper isn’t in any way distracting.

My setup

Here’s some information about my setup and some of the more common software that I use.

Operating system: Gentoo Linux Debian GNU/Linux
Window manager: i3
System panel: Polybar
Shell: zsh
Terminal emulator: URxvt
Terminal typeface: Terminus
Terminal colour scheme Solarized
Application launcher: Rofi
Notification daemon: Dunst
Text editor: Neovim
File manager: Ranger
Web browser: qutebrowser
E-mail client: NeoMutt Mutt + mbsync
Web feed reader: Newsboat
Password manager: KeePassC
Bookmark manager: Buku
Media player: mpv
Image viewer: sxiv
Instant messaging client: WeeChat + bitlbee Poezio
Document reader: Zathura
Calendar: Khal
Contact book: Khard
CalDAV/CardDAV-sync: vdirsync


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