Neovim changed their default colourscheme in version 0.10.0

June 1, 2024

I recently updated to Neovim 0.10.0. And as always, I didn’t read the changelog before updating. I can’t really think of any changes that would excite me, but it looks like I should have read the changelog this time though.

From the changelog for version 0.10.0:

Default color scheme has been updated to be “Nvim branded” and accessible.

I’m currently using the default colourscheme, and when I fired up Neovim after updating it, I was presented with some rather muted colours.

Two terminals with Neovim, showing of the old and new colours.
Before and after first updating to Neovim 0.10.0.

To solve this, I had to make the following two changes to my configuration file:

  1. Setting the colourscheme from default to vim.
  2. Adding the setting set notermguicolors.

After that, everything was back to normal for me again.


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