My keyboard - May 2024

June 7, 2024

I just realized that I never posted any pictures of my keyboard with my new keycaps. If they still can be considered new, considering it’s been more than two years since I got them.

A bird's eye view of my computer keyboard. It's laying on the balcony railing, enjoying the sun an early spring day.
My keyboard is out and enjoying the sun.
My keyboard viewed from the side, to show the height of the keyboard.
It's reasonable low profile for being a mechanical keyboard. The profile of the case is completely flat.

The keycaps are the EnjoyPBT Scandi. The designer was inspired by his sons Scandinavian bedroom decor. The profile is Cherry and the plastic is PBT.

Here’s all the specifications for my keyboard:

Form factor: 60%
Case: Low-profile aluminium case from NPKC (Black)
Circuit board: Aves 60 from I/O Keyboards (Hotswap)
Switches: Gateron G Pro Red Linear (45 gf) (First generation)
Plate: Unbranded universal aluminium plate (Black)
Stabilizers: DUROCK screw-in stabilizers (Clear)
Keycaps: EnjoyPBT Scandi
Cable: Unbranded (USB-C)

The idea with this keyboard was to build the best possible keyboard—for me—while keeping the cost reasonable low. My intention was (and it still is), for this keyboard to last for the rest of my life. We’ll see how that goes.

I used parts of an old t-shirt as sound dampening material in the case. A free hack that works better than I thought it would. The switches are factory lubricated, and they feel smooth and sound good. Especially considering the affordable price. The stabilizers are also lubricated, but by me. I think it makes a huge difference in sound, even if it’s high quality stabilizers to begin with.

I have a 5-year-old post about my custom keyboard layout, if you’re interested in how I have programmed it with the QMK firmware. It’s more or less, still the same today.


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