My Desktop - November 2020

November 13, 2020

I just noticed that I haven’t done a “my desktop” post here on my website, so why not make one now.

I probably didn’t have to take any new screenshots, I’m that boring that I could have probably used any old screenshot from the last years or so, and that’s because my setup doesn’t see much (if any) changes these days. Believe it or not, but I’m pretty happy with what I got.

I tried to make the screenshots as “non-montage-y” as possible. My primary workspace (the second image) features a couple of extra applications that I normally wouldn’t have visible at the same time. I often only have my web browser visible and maybe one more application. I like to distribute my clients across my 10 workspaces, so I can focus on one or two things at the same time.

Check out my post “I went from a multi monitor setup to just a single monitor setup” if you want to read about how I improved my productivity by going from three monitors to just one monitor.

My third workspace (the third image) often works as my secondary workspace where I have my newsreaders, e-mail client and todo-list easily accessible when I want to check if something new has happened.

Here’s some information about my setup and some of the more common software that I use:

Operating system: Gentoo Linux
Window manager: i3
System panel: Polybar
Shell: zsh
Terminal emulator: URxvt
Terminal typeface: Terminus
Terminal colour scheme Solarized
Application launcher: Rofi
Notification daemon: Dunst
Text editor: Neovim
File manager: Ranger
Web browser: qutebrowser
E-mail client: NeoMutt
Web feed reader: Newsboat
Password manager: KeePassC
Bookmark manager: Buku
Media player: mpv
Image viewer: sxiv
Instant messaging client: WeeChat + bitlbee
Document reader: Zathura
Calendar: Khal
Contact book: Khard
CalDAV/CardDAV-sync: vdirsync

I added links to software that I have talked about in the past. If you want me to talk about any of the others, just let me know. I will probably talk about them eventually, when I feel inspired to do so.


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